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CV: Joshua


Joshua Stübner
Dorfstr. 34, 19273 Zeetze
+49 152 52481201


I'm an ambitious (Frontend) Web Developer with focus on good performance, a clean & usable UI, usability and an all around good experience.

Self-taught, self-responsible with strong analytical skills, yet I like to work in a team.

I've got a very mixed bag of experiences and I'm always striving to improve myself and my work.

Frontend is my strong suite: Structured with Typescript, lots of love for CSS and a thorough interest in UX. I try to create interfaces, that are pleasant, yet effective to use.

Education and training

Freiherr vom Stein Gymnasium, Leverkusen

Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelm-Universität, Bonn

B.Sc., Psychologie

Learning and improving my skills in (web)-development

Self taught and with online courses

What I use


Javascript (ES6, React, Gatsby, Angular, Astro, Svelte, RXJS, Web Components), Typescript, HTML, CSS (Sass/SCSS), minimal Golang


Linux, PostgreSQL, NGINX, Git, Mac, Figma, Cloudflare Workers, CI/CD with Github / Gitlab / Netlify / Sourcehut, Jira


English (fluent), German (native), French (learning)


Internship at Heuschrecke Naturkost GmbH, Troisdorf

Insights in all positions of a small organic herb and tee wholesaler

Details for this position
  • Administatrion of incoming and outgoing goods
  • Managing orders
  • Customer support
  • Work at mixing and packaging stations

Employee at Heuschrecke Naturkost GmbH, Troisdorf

General office work and customer support

Internship at Tat&Kraft, Berlin

Insights into a 2-person Front- and Backend-Web-Development company

Details for this position
  • Coding prepared templates into responsive and functioning websites using HTML / Nunjucks, (S)CSS, Vanilla JS and Vue
  • Work on company tooling and automation of processes using Gulp and JS
  • Insights into the company's PHP Backend


Webdevelopment, Social Media Management, Content Creation

Details for this position
  • Design and development of websites and webapps using modern web-technologies and APIs
  • Customer support and relations
  • Maintaining Social Media Accounts
  • Writing articles and recipes on topics related to organic herbs and spices and their uses

Internship at Strichpunkt Design, Berlin

Webdevelopment in Angular, React and Vue

Frontend-Developer at Strichpunkt Design, Berlin

Technical consulting and development in Angular, React and Vue

Details for this position
  • Responsible for the frontend of a medium-scale Fintech webapp and website using React/Gatsby and Angular
  • Coordination with customer and other internal and external design, development and SEO-teams
  • Close cooperation with internal teams for future development and perspectives of a client
  • Collaboration on a administration plattfom of a large post- and transport company
  • Collaboration on a graphically elaborate website for a foundation with insights into WebGL

Frontend-Developer at Bloxxter, Hamburg

Web development in Angular and React. Responsible for the frontend of a real assets invesment plattform using blockchain technology

Details for this position
  • Development and maintainance of the frontend
  • Frontend develpment of a customer dashboard (Angular / RXJS / Redux) with a custom built shop system in close collaboration with the backend team
  • Development and maintainance of the backoffice with many customer and order related functions
  • Development of a smart contract wizard prototype and its implementation
  • Taking care of the Contentful CMS and Usercentrics
  • Insights into many processes of real asset investments

Frontend-Developer at quirion, Berlin (Merger)

Continuation of the activities and Bloxxter and development of multiple react-based web-apps

Details for this position
  • Taking over an existing component library by refactoring and developing further components using Typescript, React and CSS-Modules
  • Developing a prototype of a trading app
  • Rebuilding the smart contract wizard in React

Senior Web-Developer at E-Farm, Hamburg

Full Stack Development with an emphasis on Frontend throughout most systems of the company, mainly on the dealership machine management system called SmartTrade.

Details for this position
  • Developing an online platform for agricultural machines dealerships (SmartTrade)
    • Building an offline-capable react-native app for our users to evaluate machines
    • Web platform to help managers manage their machines stock from the time they buy the machine until they sell it
    • Building the backend using TS / NestJS to extend our functionalities
    • Active part of the UX / UI discussions & their implementation
  • Help develop and maintain multiple other systems of E-Farm, including an email parser, the website and initial versions of an integration of our systems into zoho using a chrome extension
  • Tech stack: React, React Native, Typescript, NestJS, AWS, MUI, UI-Kitten, Redux


All things cooking and food, health & fitness, technology, music, photography, garding, crafts and animals

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