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What now?

For everyone asking 'What are you up to now?'

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House and Garden

Garden season is very much over and the plants are dying, but it’s been a great year. I’ve learned lots and am exited for the next year. There’s also still a suprising amount of flowers out there, so I’m not complaining.

We’ve also added insulation to the attic, so I’m a bit more cozy in the winter. That was a surprisingly quick work. Thanks a lot to everyone who helped. Paired with a newish (from August) fireplace, we should be fine.


Started my new job at E-Farm. It’s been a lot of fun so far. The team’s great, lots of amazing people from all over the world. I’ve learned a lot of new things and looking to improve the app we’re working on. The switch to a different job environment (read: agriculture) was a great idea, since I’ve got a lot more personal connection to it. If you’re in the business of either buying or selling agriculural machinary, let me know.


I’m trying out different set ups at the moment. From Vim to Nvim, to Helix and back to Webstorm with IdeaVim. It’s an exciting journey, that feels quite productive and absolutely fun.

I’ve also discovered a new beautiful font, so that’s nice: Berkeley Mono

What else?

Not much really. Lot’s of busy weekends. I’m looking forward to some peace and quiet, really. It’s a been a very productive and fun time though.

Check out the new things I’ve built on this page:

Animal family

C’est tout. If you want to know more, call me or send me a message!

This is a 'now'-Seite, where you'll find what keeps me busy at the moment. Inspired by: