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Book recommendations

A list of book recommendations by me or for me.
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Helping Books

  • Getting things done
  • How to take smart notes


  • Normal People (Sally Rooney)

Cook Books:

  • Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat (Samin Nosrat):
    • Some good ground work and understanding of actual cooking
    • Good insights, a joy to read
  • The Noma guide to fermentation
    • Beautiful book by one of the best restaurants on the world on the fascinating topic of fermentation
  • The Flavor Bible
    • Decent book on combinations of flavours
  • Aroma: Die Kunst des Würzens:
    • German Book
    • Insanely detailed deep dives on different herbs and spices and their aroma profiles
    • Molecular explanations of why the ingredients taste like that, how they combine and what to do with them

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