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Emotions come and go. There's nothing to do about it. Enjoy it.
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There are many thing in life that behave like tides. At least, ideally (more on that later). Much follows little, loudness follows silence, phase of recovery follow phases of exhaustion. ”Negative” emotions are followed by ”positive” ones. And there we are.

The good and the good

To me, there are no “good” or “bad” emotions. Emotions are for a lack of a better term. They’re all equally valuable. They tell us and others about ourselves and they bring joy. Having and perceiving emotions is living. The constant changes between these emotions make each one more valuable and make me happy.

It’s great to feel happiness and joy. That’s very important. It’s equally nice to feel sad or lonely though. They’re good emotions. Everything in moderation makes for a rich experience.

Emotions and then also life

Sometimes it’s very difficult. Moreso, when you don’t have to for emotions or have a prejudice towards one of them. Sadness, Angriness and Loneliness are not “easy to enjoy”. If you take your time to perceive them though, really just feel, they can be just as pleasant as joy or any other “good” emotion. There’s the great ocean of sadness, the silence and the self in the wide plains of loneliness, strength and love in angriness. Oftentimes emotions are very similar and close to eachother.

But sometimes, these emotions scare us or come at a very inappropriate time. It’s exhausting to feel sad when your busy working. It’s equally exhausting though, when you’re happy and have to do your taxes. Sometimes it’s just the wrong time for these emotions.

Sometimes emotional states of happiness or sadness persist too long. They become strenous. This can also be linked to the “wrong time”, though. After having split up with a longstanding and deeply loved partner, you might want to mourn for a long time. That’s alright.

It could also be an indicator, that something is out of balance. This hold true for any exuberant feeling, “good” and “bad”. What the thing is, that has put you out of balance, you have to find out yourself though, alone or with someone else.

I think it’s very import to take the time to really feel emotions sometimes. To be absorbed by them. To get a feel, what they mean, where they come from, what they feel like, what they do to you and to simply enjoy them. To then let them go afterwards.

Because that’s what they do best. They come and go.

That’s how tides works. Ebb and flow.