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Tech recommendations

List of various tech recommendations
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  • Hey Email
    • Sort of email client revisited. Faily expensive, but interesting features.
  • Mailbox
    • One of the best email providers out there. Privacy first, relatively cheap, based in Germany.
  • Obsidian
    • A knowledge base using markdown files. Pretty good.
  • Photopea
    • Photo editing in the cloud. Can be used for free or with a cheap account.
  • SendFly
    • If you ever need to set up a contact form, this could be just what you need.
  • Astro
    • THE BEST WAY to build (mostly) static websites with a bit of interaction. Ships just what you need, while being very easy to use.
  • Sourcehut
    • Actually good git hosting (and more). Awesome ethics, easy to use and the it’s owner? Drew DeVault is a cool guy.


  • Heydon Pickering
    • Creator of Every Layout and more. Fun guy with smart ideas
  • Lea Verou
    • Smart person, great indepth and clever CSS knowledge. Expert at colors, too.
  • Adam Argyle
    • Another very entertaining and smart CSS and Browser person. Has a good youtube serious, works in Chrome Devb team
  • The Primeagen
    • Funny, entertaining and very competent. What’s not to like, this guy’s amazing.
  • The guys from PostCSS
    • [Discord link] Incredibly nice, very helpful, never had a problem that wasn’t resolve in MINUTES


I’m not a (typography) designer, but I still get very happy when I find a nice looking font.

  • Cartograph CF [Monospace]
    • Monospaces, but warm [$$]
  • Greycliff [Sans-serif]
    • Sans-serif from the same design studio. Also has a subtle warm tone [$$ ]
  • MD IO [Monospace]
    • One of my favourite monospace fonts [$$]
  • Manrope [Sans-serif]
    • Great Sans-serif font for pretty much anything. Modern and clean. [free]
  • Berkeley Mono [Monospace]
    • Something very analytic, yet satisfying about this font. One of my favourites [$$]

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