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Things I want in a job

Description A list of things I want to look for when applying for a job.
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At this point in my life, my thoughts about work change. The world is weird, spending a lot of time at your job is too. There needs to be more than just “oh yea it’s work” for it to good.

Then I found this list from Lynn Fisher. It feels right, so I sat down and created my own.

  • More than just selling a product. It should feel like it’s offering something for the user.
  • User-facing product, which emphasises UX and the good of the user
  • Has a good frontend-part, that adheres to my frontend ideas
  • Push for good work quality without being pedantic
  • A salary, that covers my needs so much, I don’t have to think too much about it each month, while still being generous.
  • Allows me to work from home
  • Room for me to express my thoughts and ideas and have them valued
  • At least one sparring partner for ideas, ideally a team of people who are good at what they do and are open for discussions
  • A smallish team / company, so everything is more personal and less bureaucratic
  • A team that enjoys each other and has fun, too
  • As few of the “these are our great company benefits (it’s a fruit basket)” as possible
  • Feel like my time is valued. Both when I work and when I don’t
  • A team that ships work often
  • Leaders that share their vision and act in the interest of both their employees and users
  • Consistent and transparent decisions
  • Allow room for challenging ideas without spending too much time on discussing everything. Some things just need to be decided and done
  • Few meetings, used effectively
  • Allow for personal development
  • Trust in employees’ expertise
  • Share success in a meaningful way
  • Work that requires creativity
  • Work that offers variety
  • Work that makes me get up and be excited for work