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Not good at anything, but in a lot of things
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One of the central aspects of interpersonal relationships. Even with yourself. It’s very powerful to be vulnerable. Truely honest, truely “there”, in this very moment for this very person. You’ll feel everything: youself, a certain fear, a certain excitement. What’s going to happen next?

The powerful

Vulnerability can cause the impossible. If you dare, you can love deply. It can be the motivation for your greatest challenge, can be the basis for the most intimate friendships. You show yourself, the way you are. You’re afraid, but your there regardless.


The opposite is the complete avoidance of vulnerability. It leads to weird relationships, odd communication that leads nowhere. It remains fleeting and trivial. You’re looking to get out of it as soon as possible, but you’re safe. You’ll stay invulnerable, yet injured. By crawling away, you’ll validate and sustain your fears. It doesn’t lead anywhere, except a weird form of security.

Always afraid, never happy, because nothing can truely be.

So be you, be vulnerable. Show yourself. That’s the how you live.