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Writing down things is a genius idea.
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It’s fascinating what writing down my thoughts does for me. It pulls them out of my head and lays them to rest. They’re often gone afterwards.

Can I revisit them later and pick up where I left of? I need to try that sometimes.

It’s just good for me. It calms, it clears, it categorises and creates room for other things and by thus, new things.

Even though I haven’t left many things here, I’m sure that it has helped me immensely. Emotionally, professionally, personally. It pushed me into the right directions. It also opens up a new way to share things with others.

Last but not least, it helps my writing style. I think so, anyways. I’m thinking how I write things down, sometimes delete, sometimes play with sentences. Doing that in English is different again. It’s very exciting though - It’s definitely a habit I’d like to pick up and build upon.