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181 Degree

Portfolio Website, gefüttert von eigens gebautem CMS.
Tech stack
Nuxt.js, Custom (Simple CMS), Golang, Github Actions, Github Markdown Files


There was a time, where no CMS was good enough for me. I didn’t want to maintain a server to update a page once or twice a year, so I built my own.

If that was a good idea or not is hard to tell, but I learned a lot. It was good enough for me to be content with it and I had a lot of fun.


Since the project is already somehwat old, I’m not going to go into the depth of its functionalities.

In short: There’s a Golang server, that hosts a Nuxt.js App and an API as a CMS. This is run locally. After making their adjustments, the user can confirm their changes, which will update a Git repository. This in turn will trigger a build pipeline for another Nuxt.js app, that will build a static website, which will be deployed via FTP. It will also upload use images via FTP.

Da das Projekt mittlerweile schon etwas älter ist, gehe ich gar nicht so tief auf die genaue Funktionsweise ein.

Here’s a diagram to look smart.


Source Code: Source Code auf Gitlab