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Meine einfache Rezept-Webseite.
Tech stack


I wanted to share recipes online. In video form, very much inspired by Kenji López-Alt’s Youtube 1. The focus is on daily recipes, because that’s what I do most of the time and I wanted to inspire others to do their daily cooking themselves. It doesn’t have to be complicated.

Most recipe websites are terrible, to me. Overloaded, bloated and heavy. I have my own style and like building websites, so thats what I did.

I didn’t add measurements to ingredients on purpose, becase I’m of the oppinion, that differences and actually tasting make for a better cooking experience. This helps developing one’s own taste and a feel for what might work. The recipes are outlines, inspirations and ideas. Just my versions of things I enjoy eating.

Unfortunately I lost my motivation to keep writing these recipes after a while.


The design is very simple and clear. There’s a recipe overview with detail pages, where the ingredients are listed, a large image and a bit of a description how to prepare the dish. A few thoughts here and their spice up the texts. At the end, there are often links to the video of me cooking the dish.

You can filter the recipes by tag and ingredeints in the hopes of finding something, that you like to cook.