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Heuschrecke Messe

"Digital tradefair" with a focus on presentation and clarity. Photos and website by me.
Tech stack
React (Gatsby), Static File Hoster, Pixlr for editing images, Prismic as Headless CMS


This is a lovely mix between enjoying my work, a paid job and creative freedom. When all fair were closed in 2020, my aunt from Heuschrecke1 asked me, if we wanted to create a sort of digital experience. I loved the idea and I asked, if I could do everything by myself, because I had a vision how to implement it. The initial version was quick one. In three weeks, we had done the images, the design and the development. Since that version, I’m updating the page once or twice a year with new products and new subjects with a little bit of maintainance..

A closer look

Here are highlighted aspects by me, because that’s what I want to do. As usual, its rather personal.

Colors and design

Colors were relatively straightforward: They had a theme with colors and typography for years. They’ve used it for their website and their packaging. I’ve added a bit more breathing space and a bit of my personal taste, which to me, sounds a bit more modern and asthetic.


My aim was to highlight the products, naturally. That’s what the website is about. To achieve this, I wanted to remove the backgrounds to give them a floating look, less blocky. This facilitates the exploration aspect, I think. You can easily identify each spice and tea and have a good look at them, like it’s at a fair. To the people, that have been at the Heuschrecke booth before, it might even look somewhat familiar.

In order to get this desired effect, I filled the products into small bowls, lit them and took a photo - without having any experience in product photography. Then I used an online tool to remove the backgrounds automatically. I think it turned out rather nice.

Produktfotos im Detail

That’s it

Techstack is at the top. If you have any question, send me an email!


  1. Import and wholesale for organic herbs, teas and spices (