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Magic League

Small scale project for friends that wanted to play a MTG league
Tech stack
Go Templates, Go Server, Google Sheets as database


A friend asked me, if I could help him build a small website for a Magic the Gather1 tournament he had planned. He wanted to display the match ups, a leaderboard and every match’s results.

My offer was to do it for him.


The main part was developing a Golang-server, the fetches data from Google sheets, caches the data and generates a website with them. There are weekly lists for the matchups and a leaderboard.

It was a fun project for me. I never used Google Sheets as database before, but it turned out nicely. And I helped a friend, which is nice.

The data was added by the players themselves through google sheets. There were sheets for every weeks’ matches and they just had to add their results. In Google Sheets I used a script to accumulate the data and put it into another summary sheet.

We’ve also added the possibility to look up every player’s deck, but that’s just a fantastic external library.

The design was done by me, turned out rather cute. A happy little accident.