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My website v2

Description This is the website your looking at.
Tech stack Astro
Year 2021-Today


Again, my taste tends to change. I also wanted to try out a few CSS tricks and ways, so I redesigned the website. Design took a lot longer this time and it changed again and again. It was a good and fun process though, that’s still ongoing today, see below.

I also wanted to get rid of Gatsby to make the page even faster and simpler. Astro came out back then and it seemed like the perfect fit.


Hinweis: v2 is not quite correct, but I only just started versioning it.

The design is sort of brutalist and minimalistic. That’s what I like (at the moment).

In this iteration, I wanted to set up a design system with coherent spacing and typography, that also manages to convey the relevant information as clean and simple as possible.

To achieve this, I cleaned a lot of styles up, used a fluid, but calculated typographic scale and tried to index the contents, so they would be easy to scan and consume.

I really care about transparency and clarity and I think this website shows.

In addition to this, this website received a few personal touches. Instead of actually commiting to a single style, I used what I liked and tried multiple things, which suits me much better than a predefined style.

Update 08-2022

Design and website are still in active development. I abstracted the design into a reusable them to use accross multiple small projects. I learned a lot about design systems, spacing, design tokens and how to put it all together. I’m hoping to keep working on it to improve it further.

Source Code auf Github