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Saisonale Produkte

A very personal project to display seasonal fruits and vegetables.
Tech stack
Phoenix (Elixir), Phoenix Liveview, PostgreSQL


I wanted to create a small index of seasonal produce. PDF calendars and images exist, but I didn’t like the usability of them. There was no explorability, no search function and oftentimes, information was hard to find.

In addition, I really wanted to try the fantastic Phoenix Framework1 for Elixir in a larger scale project. I felll in love with it.


For the people that like tech: Elixir is a functional programming language. The Phoenix Framework has awesome developer experience, you couldn’t hope for anything better. A great database-adapter, good strtucture and a very promising features: Phoenix Liveview, which allows for sort of dynamic websites, that are fully serverside rendered and update using websockets. It was brand new back then and I used it for filtering the data in this project.

What else is included: Postgres database, authentication, online editing function and a API to fetch the data.

The design was also done by me, the icons weren’t. I compiled the data from multiple sources, which you can find on the website.

Source Code auf Gitlab