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Testaccount manager

Simple browser extension to sync and use testaccounts
Tech stack
Typescript, OpenProps, Webextension

Update: Now also available for Firefox:


When working for quirion, we had “testathons” every now and again. Different people would come to test our app and needed certain logins for that. Since we had very diverse accounts for many different conditions, we had a lot of test accounts to set up and share. To faciliate this, we built this webextension, where you can easily share the credentials either through a JSON or a JSON from a remote endpoint (like an S3 bucket), have them described and use this as a sort of password manager.


It’s a chrome web extension that shares most of its functionalities with a password manager. It can store accounts and auto login. You can easily upload / use many accounts by either providing a remote URL or uploading a JSON.

On top of that, it has a basic search and filter functionality.

It’s built using OpenProps for a clean and simple UI.

Source Code auf Github